Yalova Thermal Baths in Turkey

Yalova Thermal Baths are located in Yalova, Turkey about 80 km. away from Istanbul in Turkey. The huge complex, lying on a land of about 1,6 mill. square meters, is located 12 km. away from Yalova. There are 4 hotels, one of which is an apart, in the complex. There 5 baths in the complex which also possess historical value.

The 66 degrees celcius hot thermal spring water is good for rheumatic diseases, digestion system diseases, liver and gallbladder diseases, metabolic obesity, gout, kidney and ureter diseases, skin diseases, the diseases following orthopedic operations, gynecologic diseases and all types of convalescence period diseases.

The Kursunlu and Valide Baths were built 1700 years ago during the Byzantine Emperor Justinian. After the earthquakes and wars, they were both abandoned after some time. In 1900, Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecit renovated the baths and the saunas. The other two baths of the Yalova Thermal Baths and Hot springs are the Sultan and Sira Baths which contains private family rooms for private bathing.

There's also an open pool that is completely filled with thermal spring water which is about 38 celcius degrees. The pool is 22 meters long and 11 meters wide. The pool is active even during winter months because of its hot thermal water.

The thermal water of the Yalova Thermal Baths has a mineralization level of 1500 mg per liter. The thermal water is colorless and clear. Yalova Thermal Baths were chosen "the most beneficial thermal baths" of the world in a contest in Rome.