Sultaniye Thermal Baths and Hot Springs at Koycegiz, Fethiye

The town of Koycegiz lies at the northern end of a lake of the same name (Koycegiz Lake) which is joined to the Mediterranean Sea by a natural channel called Dalyan Delta or simply as Dalyan. On the west side of the Koycegiz Lake and on the skirts of the Olemez Mountain, lies the thermal springs and hot baths of Sultaniye. Sultaniye Baths are about 4 km. away from the world-known mud baths of Dalyan delta.

The spring water temperature in the Sultaniye Baths is around 42 degrees celcius. There are mainly three springs in the region, Buyuk Hamam Spring, Kubbeli Hamam Spring and the Sultaniye Drinking Spring. Each spring contains one of all of the following properties - Chlorine, sodium, hydrogen sulphide, bromide, radioactive, hyperthermal, hypertonic. The Sultaniye Springs help to heal Rheumatic, respiratory and epidermal ailments, poor circulation and heart disease, nervous conditions, gynaecological, kidney and urinary tract conditions, poor metabolism. There are a great variety of accommodation facilities in the region due to the touristic popularity of the coasts of South-West Turkey.